Martin’s Kitchen Unleashes The Magic Of Hakka, Mexican, And European Fusion Cuisine

Nestled within the vibrant culinary landscape of Singapore, Martin’s Kitchen is a true gem that beckons to food enthusiasts seeking a remarkable dining experience. What sets Martin’s Kitchen apart is its commitment to marrying the diverse flavours of Hakka, Mexican, and European cuisines under one roof. This culinary experiment results in a symphony of tastes that promises to tantalise taste buds and introduce diners to a rich tapestry of flavours and ingredients from around the world.

A Vision Brought to Life

Martin’s Kitchen was born from a profound love for Hakka cuisine and an ambitious dream to create something extraordinary. Martin’s vision extended beyond the boundaries of a single culinary tradition. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Mexican, European, and Hakka cuisines, he created a restaurant that proudly introduces the concept of trinity cuisine, a first of its kind in Singapore. It’s a place where diverse culinary worlds merge, captivating the palates of food enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Chef Cheng Wei Liang

Under the skilled guidance of Chef Cheng Wei Liang, who boasts over a decade of culinary experience, Martin’s Kitchen has become a hub of creativity and culinary excellence. Chef Cheng has left his mark on esteemed establishments, including Super Loco, Ce La Vi, and Brasserie Wolf.

Now, let’s embark on a gastronomic adventure and explore some of the standout dishes at Martin’s Kitchen:

Hakka Ravioli

Their Hakka Ravioli is a delightful take on traditional dumplings. Filled with a savoury blend of pork and fish, these ravioli are complemented by a fusion of Szechuan sauce and Habanero oil, adding a touch of spice and a satisfying crunch of crispy yam, making this a true fusion of textures and flavours.

Hakka "Lei Cha" Chopped Salad

A refreshing twist on the classic Lei Cha dish, this salad features a distinctive Matcha Vinaigrette dressing that elevates freshly chopped greens, including Haricot, Preserved Radish, Endive, and Spiced Peanut and Tofu toppings. The matcha’s earthy undertones and the zesty vinaigrette combine beautifully, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that you won’t want to miss.

The star of Hakka cuisine, the “Abacus Seed” Yam Gnocchi, ingeniously replicates the chewy texture of gnocchi using yam as its primary ingredient. Paired with Leek, Shimeji, Dried Shrimp, Sakura Ebi, and a secret in-house sauce, this dish is a true masterpiece.

Thunder Tea" Barramundi

This dish exemplifies the dedication to Hakka cuisine. Tender barramundi, with a crispy golden-brown skin, is bathed in a specially crafted Thunder Tea broth. The result is a unique amalgamation of textures and flavours, an ode to the harmony of fish and herbs.

Hakka Noodles

A seamless blend of Hakka and Mexican influences, these house-made noodles are a culinary masterpiece. Paired with Red Fermented Pork marinated in fiery flavours like Red Habanero and Jalapeños Habanero, they deliver a tantalising dining experience that’s rich in spice and culture.

"Kong Ba Pao" Taco

Braised Pork Belly takes centre stage, garnished with Pickled Cucumber, Coriander Mayo, Red Onion, and Slaw. A tortilla replaces the traditional steamed bun, infusing a Mexican twist, while the Coriander Mayo adds freshness and creaminess to this delightful creation.

In addition to the Hakka cuisine offerings, Martin’s Kitchen surprises diners with locally inspired dishes like the “Hokkien Mee” Tagliatelle, simmered for eight hours to achieve a robust flavour profile.

"Hokkien Mee" Tagliatelle

An innovative take on traditional desserts, this Hakka mochi integrates distinctive flavours like coconut, peanut brittle, red bean jelly, and an enticing orange chocolate glaze, creating a delectable treat that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Hakka Mochi "Qiba"

Your culinary journey at Martin’s Kitchen is incomplete without exploring their artisanal cocktails. The Thunder Tea Cocktail, a blend of whiskey, artisanal rice milk, matcha, and black tea, is topped with silverfish and crunchy peanuts, creating a mesmerizing drink that’s as visually captivating as it is delicious.

Thunder Tea Cocktail

Other notable cocktails include Martin’s Negroni and Flor De Sauco, perfect choices for unwinding and indulging after a long day.

Flor De Sauco
Martin's Negroni

For a curated experience, consider our editor’s top picks:

  • Starters: Hakka Ravioli
  • Mains: “Abacus Seed” Yam Gnocchi, Hakka Noodles, “Hokkien Mee” Tagliatelle
  • Dessert: Hakka Mochi “Qiba”
  • Cocktails: Thunder Tea Cocktail, Flor De Sauco

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure that transcends borders and traditions, Martin’s Kitchen on 56 Zion Rd, Singapore, is a must-visit. With a range of dishes that blend Hakka, Mexican, and European influences, your taste buds are in for a delightful journey. 

Location: 56 Zion Rd, Singapore 247781

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 10.30pm Brunch is served 11am to 3pm on every Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

Reservation: Book a table here

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