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Singapore has various food options, including our local’s favourite Chicken Rice or Laska. Suppose you are a busy office worker looking for a nutritious and tasty lunch or just an average diner searching for a guilt-free meal. In that case, you must check out Superfood Kitchen located at Raffles City, Changi Airport and Jurong Point. Designed to satisfy those that are looking for affordable, nutritious food, Superfood Kitchen makes healthy eating more accessible with a nutritious-focused menu.

Their menu features various grains and protein options cooked using multiple techniques to ensure that healthy eating remains a top priority while retaining the comfort and familiarity of well-loved flavours. With a concept similar to the popular “economic rice” ordering option, Superfood Kitchen is dedicated to transforming diets and promoting healthier eating habits without compromising on taste.

Superfood Kitchen’s ordering system breaks down the nutrition information of each customised order immediately, and in real time.

Superfood Kitchen features a takeout order platform that instantly calculates the nutritional count of each order at all their outlets, delicious, healthy and nutrition-packed customisable superbowls and superburritos to suit different health needs and palate preferences.

Driven by a mission to improve the quality of living by making nutrition accessible to all, Superfood Kitchen offers delicious homemade meal solutions that can be customised to suit different needs — from busy professionals to health-conscious foodies looking for vegan options. With prices starting at $6.90 and more than 40,000 unique customisations available from their menu, customers are empowered to choose their health best. Eating healthy knows no bounds or barriers — it’s a lifestyle accessible to all. 

A closer look at the nutritional calculator on the order interface

Superfood Kitchen’s menu comprises more than 40 unique ingredients, with various grains, proteins, supplements, and dressings that can be customised for each SuperBowl or SuperBurrito. We tried out the crowd favourite Papa Java ($8.50), a SuperBowl made with roasted honey-soy chicken, Asian-spiced brown rice, teriyaki tempeh, freshly made tomato salsa, lettuce, pickled red onions, chilli-pickled pineapple carrots and roasted peanuts (339 calories, 19. 1g protein, 46.3g carb, 9.6g fat). The dish is a stimulating, sensory experience, providing a platter of textures and flavours with every bite.

Papa Java

The fuss-free SuperBowls and SuperBurritos that are as satisfying as they are nutritious help to take the bore and chore out of eating clean by ensuring that their range of ingredients, from veggies to meats, are seasoned well and served in sizeable portions. 

If you’re someone who is counting your macros, or you’re just looking for nutritious meals to suit specific dietary needs, then check out Superfood Kitchen. The plus point? Most of their bowls are under $10 and are wallet-friendly!

📍Raffles City Shopping Centre, B1-78, 252 North Bridge Road  | Opens: Mondays to Sundays (11am to 9pm) 

📍Changi Airport Terminal 3, B2-25, 65 Airport Boulevard | Opens: Mondays to Sundays (11am to 9pm) 

📍Jurong Point, 03-25D/E, 1 Jurong West Central 2|  Opens: Mondays to Sundays (11am to 9pm)

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