The Best Soju Food Pairings with Chorong Chorong Soju

Chorong Chorong Soju

After a long day, there is nothing better than a cold bottle of soju. But what’s a complete soju session without some anju (Korean term for food consumed with alcohol).

Soju is one of Korea’s most popular beverages, and flavoured soju has been a rising trend since years back. It can be enjoyed on its own but is best paired with intensely flavoured foods, such as Korean BBQ. A good pairing will allow you to experience a delicious and satisfying meal, while a highly contrasting combination will overpower the taste buds or worse. While food pairings are very subjective depending on everyone’s taste, we’ve compiled a list of foods that pair well with soju.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ and soju is not just a meal; it’s an entire experience. Served with radish, kimchi, and lettuce, Korean BBQ is a veritable feast. And soju is the perfect accompaniment because it removes the grease from the meats, leaving you wanting more.

Tip: Chorong Chorong Green Apple Soju has a bold flavour profile, balances sweet and tart nicely, and pairs well with grilled meats.    

Korean Fried Chicken

Fried foods are a popular choice when it comes to pairing snacks and drinks. And fried chicken is one of the top picks! Korean fried chicken is known for its addictively crunchy exterior and sweet, spicy sauce. There are many different sauces you can choose and if you are feeling adventurous, try eating extremely spicy wings with your soju!

Tip: Add Chorong Chorong Green Grape Soju with bubbly beer to make somaek, a refreshing beer cocktail that packs a hidden punch.

Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)

This sweet and spicy Korean street food is a classic snack beloved by people of all ages; rice cakes smothered in a spicy gochujang sauce pair well with a glass of sweet flavoured soju.

Tip: Try pairing with Chorong Chorong Lychee Soju. Perfect as a single shot or with mixers.

Shredded Dried Squid

One popular anju would be shredded dried squid — it helps wake your palette up, especially from shots of soju! This simple salty treat gives your palate a break from intoxicating soju shots. 

Tip: Take your pick from the variety of Chorong Chorong soju flavours. Try serving it as cold as possible for the smoothest taste.

Grilled Shellfish

Seafood lovers, trust us when we say that grilled clams are genuinely the perfect complement to soju.

Tip: Enjoy it with Chorong Chorong Lychee Soju, a sweet and slightly floral flavour profile best suited with seafood.  

Seafood Scallion Pancakes

Savoury seafood and soft, crispy pan-fried green onions make it one of the most popular dishes at Korean restaurants, especially Korean BBQ restaurants. Also, the perfect anju to pair with soju.

Tip: Pair it with Chorong Chorong Peach Soju. If you want to make it more refreshing, try mixing it with Sprite for some fizzy goodness.

Char Kway Teow

Why limit your anju experience to just Korean food? Transcend cultural barriers by pairing your soju with Singapore hawker food like Char Kway Teow to balance oiliness and flavour

Tip: Balance it out with Chorong Chorong Grapefruit Soju.

Instant Ramen

There is no need to run to the store for this mix since you can get instant ramen and soju in most major supermarkets. The saltiness of the broth makes it an excellent alcohol chaser.

Tip: Experiment with different Chorong Chorong soju flavours. They will all pair well with instant ramen.

Chorong Chorong Soju

Introducing #thenewsoju, Chorong Chorong is an aspirational, trendy brand created out of the love of soju, celebrating the joy of life. It is more than just a soju, but an edgy attitude and a better lifestyle by encouraging consumers to #liveinthemoment.

A sweet and refreshing twist to your traditional soju, Chorong Chorong is best enjoyed with spicy dishes or on its own, as it is milder and less intense than your regular soju.

Meet The Flavours

Chorong Chorong Soju

Different flavours for any personality you’re feeling:

Green Grape – The OG of all flavoured soju. You can never go wrong with green grape. Calming and comforting, like sleeping in on a rainy day. ☁️

Mom Of The Group | Wants To Sleep 24/7 | Enjoys Real Conversation | Doesn’t Get Jealous

Green Apple – No bad apples in this bunch. Smooth and bold, like feeling goosebumps when your favourite song comes on. ✨

Baddie With A Soft Heart | Wants To Eat 24/7 | Rebellious And Creative | Straightforward

Lychee – Without a doubt, lychee is always right, never left. Mildly sweet with floral aroma, like your eye-candy from middle school.

Independent Queen | Lives On Coffee/ Tea | Tough Crybaby | Has Many Goals

Grapefruit – Life of the party. Tart, sweet with a little acidity. Heady aroma but clean taste. Perfect for a day out by the beach on a summer day. 🌤

Life Of The Party | Smart And Sassy | Can’t Save Money | Doesn’t Sleep

Peach – Calming and sweet, taste the sweetness of the peaches and your best smile. 💓 99 problems but this peach ain’t one.

Natural Flirt / Good Sense Of Humour | Daydreamer | Cat Person

Which personality resonated with you the most? Ready to give them a try? Head over to, Shopee, LazadaQoo10 and grab yours today!

🤫 P.S. Flavours not to be missed: Green Apple & Lychee. Stay tuned for more flavours from Chorong Chorong Soju.

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