How To Avoid Dry Skin After Frequently Washing Your Hands?


Dry skin after frequent washing your hands? Well, we feel you too! To keep ourselves and others safe, we’ve been sanitizing and washing more than ever. Over time, this leads to dry skin, further disruption of the skin barrier and inflammation.

Here are some products to keep your skin hygiene and hydrated at all times!

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ZAZA PR 2% Vitamin E

ZAZA PR 2% Vitamin E​
Zagro Health

ZAZA PR 2% Vitamin E​ has antioxidant properties that keep skin moisturized, repair damaged skin and reduces UV damage to the skin.

It consists of 2% pure Vitamin E (helps to support the immune system, cell function and skin health) & 70% of alcohol, which helps to kill the virus and moisturize your skin. 

Clark’s Botanicals Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
Clark's Botanicals

The combination of sodium hyaluronate, coconut fatty acids, vitamin E and glycerin flood your hands with moisture and help balance the 71% ethyl alcohol.

Clark’s Botanicals Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer also has a light scent of cucumber melon. Best of all, it doesn’t have the alcohol smell that irritates you like some other sanitizers.

touchland Power Mist Watermelon

Touchland Power Mist is a hydrating, fast-absorbing, lightly scented hand mists infused with essentials oils.

Beyond the chic packaging, these sanitizers contain 67% ethyl alcohol, so you can rest comfortably knowing you’re eliminating potentially dangerous germs. It’s a nongreasy formula that absorbs quickly, and there are about 500 sprays per bottle.

Biore Instant Foaming Hand Wash
Biore Singapore

Protect your whole family’s health with every wash with Biore Instant Foaming Hand Wash. It is gentle to the skin and has an anti-bacterial formula to wash away germs on the skin while keeping skin moisturized after wash.

Walch Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is a unique jelly-oil hybrid that transforms into a dry oil on application. It creates a protective film to resist moisture loss and helps to restore dry skin to its optimal hydrated state.

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel can be used all over the body and massaged in small circular motions until almost fully absorbed and it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

Walch Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash
Shopee Singapore

Walch Foaming Hand Wash offers an instant burst of lightweight foam that gently removes dirt and germs while leaving skin soft and supple.

It will give you a creamy foam for a pampering experience and perfect for everyday use. Suitable for the whole family to use daily.

How To Use An Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer:

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