Your Guide to Covid-19 Singapore Phase 3

Congrats, Singapore is finally in Phase 3, and social gatherings of up to eight people will be allowed in public, up from five previously. Read on to find everything you need to know about Phase 3 in Singapore!

Here is the list of activities that will be further re-opened in the community from 28 December 2020:

Chinese New Year

During the festive season, there is a higher risk of transmission as interactions in the community increase. With Chinese New Year approaching, do remember the following:

When dining out,

  • Wear a mask if you’re not eating or drinking. This means that masks must be worn during the tossing of yusheng.
  • Avoid raising voices at all times. Lohei should be done without saying the usual auspicious phrases.
  • There must not be multiple table bookings, unless you are from the same household. But even so, there should not be inter-mingling across tables.

If you are doing house visits,

  • Limit your visits to family and to not more than 2 households per day.
  • Otherwise, connect digitally with your family and friends.

Surveillance testing will be carried out for stallholders, shop owners, persons in the F&B industry, and food delivery persons operating around Chinatown. This will take place from 8 to 9 February 2021, and all individuals in the identified community groups are strongly encouraged to go for testing.

Mandatory TraceTogether for SafeEntry check-ins will be rolled out in early 2021

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, where the TraceTogether App or Token is required for SafeEntry check-ins, will only be implemented early next year, after everyone who wants a Token has had a chance to collect one at a Community Club or Centre in their constituency. Until then, you can use the app, identity cards, SingPass mobile or QR reader apps to check in to places.

Free Covid-19 vaccinations

Covid-19 vaccinations will be free for all Singaporeans and long-term residents currently here. The entire adult population will be offered vaccinations voluntarily. PM Lee said: “My Cabinet colleagues and I, including the older ones, will be getting ourselves vaccinated early. This is to show you, especially seniors like me, that we believe the vaccines are safe.”

Singapore received its first batch of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on 21 December 2020. Following that, the Expert Committee’s recommendations on COVID-19 Vaccination on its vaccination strategy for Singapore were accepted by the Government.

Among its recommendations:

  • The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has been reviewed and endorsed for Singapore for individuals aged 16 and above.
  • Vaccination will take place progressively, with priority given to:
  1. Persons at high risk of being infected by COVID-19, including healthcare and frontline workers
  2. Persons most vulnerable to severe disease and complications if they fall ill with COVID-19. This includes the elderly and persons with medical comorbidities (those with 2 or more illnesses/diseases at the same time)

Vaccinations for healthcare workers started on 30 December 2020, while vaccinations for the elderly (starting with those aged 70 and above) will begin from February 2021.

Limited activity in offices

While work-from-home (WFH) remains the default, employers may arrange for employees to return to the office subject to the following conditions:

  • Such employees continue to WFH for at least half their working time.
  • No more than half of such employees are at the workplace at any point in time.

Workplace events and activities taking place within the office, such as seminars, conferences and retreats are allowed for up to 50 persons. However, employers are also reminded to adhere to a safe distance and other measures. They must also continue to observe split teams or shift arrangements. To help ease peak-hour congestion, employers are encouraged to stagger reporting times.

Even with the comprehensive plans for Phase 3, we all should remain vigilant and play our part to keep the community safe. PM Lee says phase three might last for “quite a while, possibly a year or more”. Let’s all stay united and disciplined in our fight towards COVID-19 – for a safer and healthier 2021.

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