TruLife Proudly Presents the Sanrio Collection – Celebrating Singapore’s National Day with Passion and Quality

In the lead-up to Singapore’s National Day celebrations, TruLife, a well-respected homegrown healthcare brand established under Poli Medical Company Pte Ltd, is excited to introduce the Sanrio Collection. This collection, a culmination of years of dedication, is a tribute to the heart and soul of Singapore and its values. 

A Journey Rooted in Tradition and Excellence

With the celebration of Singapore’s 58th birthday, TruLife unveils two new additions to the Sanrio Collection: Pearl Activa and Manuka Honey flavours. This collection beautifully captures the essence of Singapore’s narrative – a journey from humble origins to global recognition, driven by unwavering passion and a commitment to excellence. 

A Testament to Singapore's Transformation

TruLife’s journey parallels Singapore’s transformation from a developing nation to a global powerhouse. What started as a modest medical hall in the 1950s became a trusted healthcare brand. This growth mirrors Singapore’s progression and unwavering dedication to national values. Just as the city-state flourishes, so does TruLife, steadfastly to its founding principles. 

Uncompromising Quality from Start to Finish

At the core of TruLife’s products lies a commitment to unyielding quality. This commitment is evident in every step of the manufacturing process, from the meticulous selection of ingredients to the rigorous extraction of their essence. Maintaining Singapore’s HACCP standards, TruLife ensures impeccable product quality. By embracing ethical organic farming methods and nurturing sustainable, free-range farms in Sarawak, Malaysia, TruLife demonstrates its dedication to preserving nature’s balance. 

Capturing the Essence of Singapore

“I am deeply grateful for Singapore’s unwavering support, which has fueled TruLife’s journey from humble beginnings to a trusted healthcare brand. With the Sanrio Collection, we celebrate the vibrant Singapore spirit and its diverse aspirations while striving to bring happiness and well-being to the lives of our fellow Singaporeans,” shares Dylan Hu, Director of Poli Medical Company. 

The Sanrio Collection: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

TruLife proudly presents the Sanrio Collection, an assortment of premium bird nests and collagen products thoughtfully adorned with beloved Japanese characters, Hello Kitty and My Melody. As a Singaporean company with a rich legacy in consumer health products, TruLife aims to showcase Singapore’s capabilities to the world. The selection of Hello Kitty and My Melody is rooted in their embodiment of qualities like honesty, kindness, and beauty – traits resonating deeply with TruLife’s vision. 

Embracing Tradition and Vision

These qualities inspire TruLife’s dedication to honest and transparent products, responsible care for all stakeholders, and the continual pursuit of innovative solutions to cater to customer needs. The Sanrio Collection is a tribute to the shared values between TruLife and these iconic characters, seamlessly merging tradition and innovation. 

Made With Passion: A Symbolic Collaboration

The “Made With Passion” mark on the Sanrio Collection symbolizes the spirit of connection between TruLife and Sanrio, representing Singapore’s rapport with globally recognized brands. TruLife intends to share the joy of Sanrio characters through this Collection while addressing modern health and lifestyle requirements. The Collection, available from August 1, 2023, includes the following flavours, with the latest additions, Pearl Activa and Manuka Honey:

[Trulife ❤ My Melody] Bird’s Nest 

  • Rock Sugar: Crafted with 100% authentic pure bird’s nest and rock sugar, preserving tradition with no artificial additives.
  • Sugar-Free: A sugar-free variant featuring the richness of an authentic bird’s nest.
  • American Ginseng & Rock Sugar: Enriched with American Ginseng for invigorating well-being.
  • Collagen (Sugar-Free): Infused with collagen for supple, radiant skin.

[Trulife ❤ Hello Kitty] Collagen Bird’s Nest 

  • Cell Renew: A functional, sugar-free collagen drink with 15,000mg of Micro Marine Collagen Peptides, targeting fine lines and enhancing the complexion.
  • Pearl Activa: Blends 15,000mg Marine Collagen with Pearl Extract and skin-rejuvenating vitamins for a natural radiance.
  • Manuka Honey: Marrying pure New Zealand Manuka Honey with 15,000mg of Marine Collagen, offering a delicious and nourishing blend.

To explore TruLife’s products, visit their website at For a convenient shopping experience, also check out their official Lazada and Shopee sites. 

TruLife’s Sanrio Collection is more than a product line; it celebrates Singapore’s enduring spirit and TruLife’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. Embrace this heartwarming collection as a testament to the nation’s journey and a toast to the future. 

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