The Best Pampering Gift This Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day is approaching. If you’re scrambling for ways to spoil her this year, don’t panic. We have you covered!

Flowers can wilt after a week, chocolates are typical, and home-cooked breakfasts can be too salty — your mum’s excitement from Mother’s Day gifts can quickly wane. On the other hand, there’s no better way to show love and gratitude to your mum than a pampering beauty treatment.


Give your mum the gift of glowing and beautiful skin with ONLYSKIN APOTHECARY®️ GLASS SKIN facial!

If you or your mum have been suffering from dry, dehydrated, and blemished skin, fret not, as ONLYSKIN APOTHECARY®️ GLASS SKIN is here to the rescue. Utilising products from ONLY SKIN’s H2 Glass Skin series, namely the H2 Glass Skin Essence and H2 Glass Skin Emulsion, and the world’s first Hormesis Ion roller, SerumAnge, this relaxing yet ultra-effective facial treatment promises to hydrate and rejuvenate skin instantaneously.

The facial treatment starts with a simple cleansing of the face to rid it of pollutants such as dirt and oil. After that, SerumAnge is used to lift, firm and tone skin. Made in Japan, SerumAnge has been accepted by women globally for its ultimate anti-ageing abilities, including promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

Next, ONLY SKIN’s H2 Glass Skin Essence is applied to help shrink and tighten pores, and brighten, nourish and hydrate the skin. The complexion looks instantly glowy and revitalised.

Finally, H2 Glass Skin Emulsion is used – a lightweight, non-sticky emulsion that locks in all hydrating benefits. It also contains molecular hydrogen antioxidants to combat harmful free radicals and nano-mist technology penetrating deeply into the skin.

A LED mask is also utilised at the end of the facial treatment to rejuvenate the skin further and enhance its radiance. 

ONLYSKIN APOTHECARY®️ GLASS SKIN facial treatment will offer your mum the gift of time and relaxation that she richly deserves.

ONLYSKIN APOTHECARY®️ GLASS SKIN facial treatment is available online at selected ONLY Aesthetics outlets. Book your appointment now! 👉🏻

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