New “Tiny Houses” To Open For Short Stays In Lazarus Island This April

Wish you could spend the night on Lazarus Island? Soon you can – the first accommodation on the island that’s just a 15-minute boat ride from the Sentosa Jetty@Cove. New accommodations, amenities and leisure activities will soon be available at the Southern Islands for guests to discover in phases from April 2023.

Sentosa Development Corporation launched them in collaboration with local company Big Tiny, the first Singaporean company to integrate the concept of “tiny houses” with ecotourism. Measuring between 150sqft and 170sqft, five tiny houses will be built on Lazarus Island to function in line with sustainable practices to reduce holidaymakers’ carbon footprint. According to the artist’s impressions, these “tiny houses” are designed in a wooden concept consisting of a bedroom, living area, kitchenette, and outdoor deck. The Tiny Away Escape homes will be powered mainly by solar and come with high-tech food waste recycling systems to help you keep up with sustainable practices while living on the island.

Big Tiny reinvents tourism accommodations and challenges guests to re-think their consumption patterns through compact units that retain functionality. Guests will have access to almost 128 hectares of natural landscapes to explore on the connected islands of Seringat, Lazarus, St John’s and Kias. Time to take a quick breather without paying for air flights to our little red dot island. 

If you’re planning for a vacation soon, keep a lookout for updates on the tiny homes on Lazarus Island!

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