MUJI Opens New Retail Store and Cafe&Meal At 100AM, Tanjong Pagar District

Discover a haven for MUJI fans and coffee lovers at the newly opened retail store and cafe at 100AM, perfect for a quick shopping break or a leisurely coffee session amidst the bustling office crowd.

Alongside this new retail experience will be Café&Meal MUJI, serving simple and healthy meals that bring out the ingredients’ natural taste, offering the business district crowd a new range of Japanese flavours. If you are talking about the office crowd that will be dining at MUJI, fret not! Cafe&Meal MUJI will accommodate up to 70 diners at a time. You don’t have to fly to Japan to satisfy your food cravings when you have this store in the heart of the business district!

As with all Café&Meal MUJI stores, diners are given a daily selection of MUJI-style dishes to create their own meal. The menu rotation includes over 10 dishes, both cold and hot! The full menu is available on their website. 

Several delectable dishes are on the menu, such as Sakura Chicken with Curry Miso and Dried Chilli, Thick Japanese-style Mushroom Omelette, and Chicken Nanban with Cauliflower Egg Mayo. If you wish to place an order, you can opt for a Deli Set meal with rice, soup, and a selection of dishes, starting from $9.80.

In addition, they offer a range of beverages, including a refreshing iced Houjicha Passionfruit Tea priced at $6.80 and a comforting hot Matcha Latte at $6.50.

They also offer an assortment of desserts, including a Strawberry Hokkaido Cheese Roll ($8.90), Lemon Yuzu Tart ($8.90) and the Guanaja Hazelnut Mousse Cake ($8.90), which comes with a layer of crunchy chocolate pearls and a distinct hazelnut flavour. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you certainly can’t miss out on their dessert range! 

Grab a meal with your colleagues and friends at the new MUJI store at 100AM!

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