Singapore’s First Locally-Brewed Hard Seltzer Launches With 3 New Refreshing Flavours 

Local brewery Trouble Brewing launched Joe’s Singapore Seltzer, the first-ever locally-brewed hard seltzer. The alcoholic drink comes in three delicious, all-natural flavours – Lime, Peach, and Grapefruit. 

For those unfamiliar with hard seltzers, imagine sparkling water with a tinge of alcohol. Hard seltzers are made by fermenting cane sugar to form the alcohol before combining it with flavoured carbonated water to produce the final product. These beverages tend to have lower calories and sugar than other alcoholic drinks, which explains its growing demand surge in the market. 

Unlike other hard seltzers, Joe’s is brewed from 100% Blue Weber agave – a process that ensures total sugar fermentation and just 94 calories per bottle, making it suitable for everyone, any occasion, and time of day!

The all-natural flavours make each drink versatile to accompany any snack, dish or meal. For an optimal pairing, citrus flavours like Joe’s Seltzer’s Lime or Grapefruit are great alongside dishes that need a hint of zest – such as salads, seafood and cheese – while the tropical Peach flavour is perfect with equally tropical and intense dishes, such as those found across a range of Asian cuisine. All three beverages are the perfect crowd-pleasing beverage to bring to any party, barbecue or poolside hangout.

Joe’s Seltzer retails at a promotional price of $96.00 for a case (24 bottles) with the option to mix around with the different flavours. Joe’s Seltzer can be delivered directly to your door with same-day island-wide delivery on all orders placed before 5 pm (Sun-Weds) and 7 pm (Thurs-Sat). Delivery is free for orders above $60.

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