Indulge in zero guilt-free goodies with Seriously Keto

Looking for guilt-free desserts to enjoy? On a ketogenic diet?

Seriously Keto has recently relaunched their new Seah Street flagship store that’s perfect for both foodies and health-conscious individuals. The new bakery has an elevated, revamped, minimalistic look that’s perfect for your drinks and desserts backdrop. Seriously Keto’s evolved menu offers a delicious assortment of savoury dishes on rotation, new plated desserts, and the classic baked goods that fans of the bakery are familiar with.

In recent years, more consumers have been sticking to a ketogenic diet and are looking for other healthier alternatives for their meals. If you’re unfamiliar with a ketogenic diet, it is a food intake plan that emphasises low-carb ingredients like meat, fish and chicken, cheese, eggs and low-carb vegetables.

Seriously Keto now serves savoury dishes such as the Cheese Bagel with Smoked Salmon ($12.50++); the zero-carb dish features a low-calorie cheese bagel layered with savoury dill and caper cream and generous slices of smoked salmon, which is high in protein and healthy fats. The Sausage and Bread Casserole ($14.80++) is Seriously Keto’s spin on a classic savoury bread pudding. A rich and creamy dish without being heavy, the moist casserole has a wholesome base of signature KetoBuns, dotted with pan-seared lamb merguez sausage mixed with spiced cream and sliced onions.

While you’re here, try out the Thai Milk Tea Jelly ($6.80++_ to satisfy your sweet cravings with healthy ingredients. All Seriously Keto’s desserts are low carb with no added sugar.

You can even pair the desserts with their comprehensive coffee and tea menu that includes the keto-friendly Bulletproof Coffee ($7.50++), which contains healthy fats and butter that surely won’t be a disappointment!

Conveniently located within the City Hall district, Seriously Keto’s new 18-seater cafe bakery was redesigned to a stylish and contemporary aesthetic that will allow you to indulge in sugar-free meals and desserts with friends and family.

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