Get Homecooked Flavourful Tingkat Food To Your Doorstep Instantly

Want to fully maximise your National Day holidays with your family in the comfort of your house instead of squeezing with the crowd? 

Thankfully in Singapore, we can easily grab food without the hassle of cooking. But what if we want meals that are home-cooked, nutritious and flavourful at the same time? 

From humble beginnings as a porridge stall to an established catering company, Empress Kitchen Tingkat provides home-cooked food without the hassle of one having to prepare the ingredients and cook the food themselves.

You can start from the premium Tingkat for 6 days, select the number of pax and delivery time you would like them to deliver. With a healthy mix of traditional Chinese meals, local favourites, and savoury Japanese, Korean or Western fare, deciding “what to eat for dinner” would never be a chore anymore.

To celebrate the nation’s birthday and mark this milestone, all existing tingkat subscribers will receive a specially curated menu for the week of 8-12, highlighting local delights, including a mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall on 9 Aug.

To start your home-cooked weekday dinner subscription, please visit

Enjoy family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation!

About Empress Kitchen Tingkat
In 2012, Madam Goh Swee Hong started Empress Porridge as a takeaway kiosk at National University Hospital. They have since expanded into the catering and tingkat dinner business. They operate out of a central kitchen in Joo Seng and have a team of six chefs, feeding about 700 diners weekly. The weekly menu mixes traditional Chinese meals, local favourites, Japanese, Korean or Western fare. They also provide customisation options for their customers when required.
Website: www.empressporridge.comIG: @empressporridge | FB: @empressporridge

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