Discover the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: ClarinsMen

Looking for an impressive Father’s Day gift that will truly amaze the special man in your life, whether it’s your father, husband, or someone dear? Look no further than ClarinsMen’s latest Shaving Range. This thoughtfully curated set combines the expertise of master barbers with Clarins’ skincare excellence, guaranteeing the ultimate grooming experience for men.

Drawing inspiration from the expertise of barbers, Clarins, the renowned skincare and plant science expert, has revolutionised men’s grooming with their innovative ClarinsMen range. Designed as a comprehensive solution for all shaving concerns, this compact collection of essentials offers tailor-made skincare solutions that have been rigorously tested by barbers. The ClarinsMen shaving line comprises formulas exclusively crafted for men, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Smooth Shave Foaming Gel

The Smooth Shaving Foaming Gel is a luxurious creamy mousse that effortlessly glides over the skin. This product holds the key to achieving a flawlessly smooth shave while preventing razor burns and softening the hair. It’s soothing and energising properties leave the skin feeling comfortable and refreshed after each shave.

Empowering men with a gentle and effective shaving experience, the Foaming Gel has received rave reviews. A remarkable 95% of men reported that their skin felt noticeably softer, while 97% experienced unparalleled comfort during shaving.

The After Shave Soothing Toner is a refreshing, fast-absorbing lotion specially formulated to calm and soften the skin after shaving. Its invigorating formula refreshes and tones the skin, leaving behind a non-sticky, non-oily finish. By reducing the skin temperature by 1°C upon application, this toner provides instant relief from shaving-related irritation.

The After Shave Soothing Gel is a revitalising gel that deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin following a shave. Its fast-absorbing formula delivers a soothing and mattifying effect, ensuring non-greasy, non-shiny skin. The Soothing Gel also provides an energising boost and protects the skin, keeping it comfortably moisturised for up to 8 hours.

Remaining true to its mission of “Making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful world,” Clarins takes a responsible approach towards protecting biodiversity and the environment. The ClarinsMen Foaming Gel, Soothing Toner, and Soothing Gel incorporate key ingredients sourced from organic farming practices. Furthermore, the brand has prioritised eco-design in its packaging, utilising recycled materials such as aluminium for the Foaming Gel bottle, recycled glass for the Soothing Toner, and recycled plastic for the Soothing Gel, furthering Clarins’ commitment to sustainability.

Treat your loved one to this exceptional collection and make Father’s Day truly memorable. 💙🪒

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