Darlie Double Action’s Brand New Look

Fresh New Look, Same Great Taste

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Darlie has a fresh new look on their signature toothpaste. For the last 85 years, Darlie Double Action has been striving to provide high-quality oral care products with 100% natural spearmint and peppermint essences to families thru generations.

Darlie Double Action Toothpaste

Well known for its refreshing spearmint and peppermint taste from natural essences, Darlie Double Action is the most popular choice. And now with the revamp, the formulation has been upgraded and added line extensions with added benefits!

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Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect Strong Mint Toothpaste

Strengthens tooth enamel, reducing decalcification, added fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities, enriched with natural spearmint & peppermint essence. Darlie Double Action Enamel keeps your breath minty fresh with its original strong mint flavour throughout the day.

Darlie Double Action MultiCare Toothpaste

A toothpaste with multi-benefits, Darlie Double Action MultiCare helps to fight cavities and strengthen teeth, enriched with vitamin E and multi-minerals, comes with natural spearmint & peppermint essence, freshen your breath, reduce plaque, strengthen teeth, and maintain healthy gum, lastly reduce oral bacteria. It is definitely the right choice for families.

Darlie Mouthwash

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Darlie Mouthwash is the newest edition to the family, now you can complete your oral routine with Darlie! Available in Green Tea & Double, with alcohol and alcohol-free range.

It effectively kills 99.9% oral bacteria, helps to freshen your breath and keeps away bad breath throughout the day, meanwhile caring your gums and prevent your tooth decay.

Darlie Volcanic Charcoal Toothbrush

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Darlie Volcanic Charcoal is built with core-in-core dual-layered bristles, infused with volcanic minerals from Jeju Island, Korea and Binchotan charcoal from Japan, effectively and gently reach in-between teeth gaps and along gum lines for better cleansing.

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Pair it with the Darlie Double Action toothpaste and mouthwash which also effectively reduces bacteria while giving you minty-fresh breath to match!

Limited Edition Darlie x Hello Kitty & My Melody All Shiny White Toothpaste

Wait, there’s more! Darlie has recently introduced an all-new Limited Edition Darlie x Hello Kitty & My Melody toothpaste packaging for the Darlie All Shiny White toothpaste range!
The Baking Soda and Charcoal Clean toothpaste help to whiten and prevent stains on your pearly whites. What better way to complete your look than with a stunning smile? Exclusive to Singapore only!
What are you waiting for, head down to your nearest supermarket and get your favourite Darlie Double Action or the Limited Edition Hello Kitty & My Melody toothpaste today (or both)!

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