Daejim: Korean BBQ with a modern twist to the traditional Korean pojangmacha

The newest kid on the block is Daejim, a restaurant offering a fresh and modern twist to the traditional Korean pojangmacha, which offers grilled meat and seafood. 

The name Daejim is derived from the Korean word Dwaeji, which translates to pork, a meat choice that Daejim has an abundance of on its menu on top of quality beef such as Wagyu. Daejim also offers air-flown fresh Korean seafood – including abalone, octopus, scallops, squid and oysters, on top of their selection of fine meats, which is uncommon in other Korean BBQs.

Commonly featured in K-dramas, pojangmacha is a staple in Korea’s food scene with a convivial and nostalgic “food truck” atmosphere, which the restaurant strives to emulate.

Our editor tried out their seafood Set (S$118), which comes with an array of oysters, scallops, live abalones, squid, and grilled mackerel. If you are a fan of seafood, this set is definitely up your alley.

We were most excited about the Korean BBQ Meat Set (prices vary). Imagine thick slices of mouth-watering pork belly melting in your mouth. Feast in the USDA Beef/Pork Set (Prime Beef Finger-Rib + Sliced Beef Brisket + Pork Belly + Pork Collar, S$98) or the Black Pork/Chicken Set (5mm Pork Belly + Pork Jowl + Sliced Pork Belly + Salt Chicken, S$85). With a wide range of selections, one is spoilt for choice! 

Next, our editor tried out the Budae Jigae (Army Stew) ($28/$48) that comes with sliced tofu, clams, prawns, and egg. Perfect for rainy days!

If you’re up for some alcoholic drinks, try the fruity Soju Cocktails (S$18). One of the highlights of the drinks menu was the Honeycomb Makgeolli, a type of Korean rice wine. (S$38 for 2 pax). If you are not a big fan of alcohol, try out the Honeycomb Makgeolli by dissolving the honey into the drink for a sweeter taste. 

Daejim is also offering a launch promotion for September: Get 4x Cheese Scallops air flown from Korea with every order of the BBQ set!

IG: @daejim.sg | FB: Daejim SG📍 4 Craig Road Singapore, Singapore 089664 | 🕒 12pm–3pm, 5pm–2am (Daily)

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