6 Reasons Why You Should Pamper Yourself In Singapore’s Top Leading Hair Salon, Chez Vous

Hair salons are a dime in a dozen in Singapore. However, Chez Vous stands out from the rest and is by far the favourite hair salon we highly recommend if you are looking to pamper yourself. From private pods to scrumptious mini high tea sets and relaxing head spa services, here are 6 reasons why you should pamper yourself and book an appointment at Chez Vous: Private Space!

Reception Area

1. Fully Private Pods that’s modelled after premium airlines business class pods

The Chez Vous: Private Space journey starts with a walkway through a cave-like entryway and a mystical reception area filled with cloud-like fog that welcomes you. Guests will then be swept away to their own personal pods. 

Private Room

With ten private rooms and eight semi-enclosed cabins, the exclusive Chez Vous: Private Space modelled after premium airlines business class pods makes every hair appointment a unique and sensorial experience.

Guests who spend a minimum of $450 can opt to do their hair in one of the thematic rooms at Chez Vous: Private Space. These fully-enclosed rooms have three 100% pure essential oil blends for you to choose from: (1) Stress No More, (2) Perk Me Up and (3) Be Happy, Always.

Depending on your mood, you can choose the type of music and soundscape, as each room is equipped with a “personal” Marshall speaker.

2. Enjoy A Personal Meditation Sanctuary & Binge Watch On Netflix

As you wait for your hair to process, soak in the tracks of guided meditation audios, such as breathing exercises for stress relief and mental body scan practices for deep relaxation, in your own private space for that boost of your mental well-being.

Alternatively, Netflix is available for your binge-watching enjoyment and podcasts are also offered for your listening pleasure.

3. Be Transported To A Seoul Teahouse

Mini High Tea Set

Beverages served in hair salons are usually pretty standard, but not at Chez Vous: Private Space. They have an extensive list of tea menus for you to unwind and enjoy, such as Lychee Iced Milk Green Tea, Vanilla Iced Milk Tea, Cold Brew Rooibos Tea, Yuzu Soda, and Blooming Flower Tea – to name a “few”. Grab your phones & start snapping away! It’s like a visit to a Teahouse in Seoul.

All service bundles come with a complimentary mini-tiered high tea set with instant noodles & porridge, also available upon request.

4. Catch Up On ​​Work While Getting Your Hair Done

Semi Private Pods Duo Seat

For busy professionals, this work-friendly salon is the perfect place for you to do your work and hair simultaneously – in peace. Personal work “desk”, high-speed Wi-Fi, power points, stationeries and even printing services (up to 10 pages) are available upon request.

Private pods coupled with personalised scent, soundscape, high tea, head spa and the option to request a no chit-chat service experience – remote working has never felt this good. 

5. Request For A Complimentary Personalised Service

Chez Vous: Private Space carries a complimentary menu of 10 Secret Perks you can request (when needed), designed for the ultimate in-salon experience.

●  NeoRhythm Pad, using electromagnetic fields to reduce inflammation and promote healing;

●  Apollo Neuro Stress-Relieving Wearable that helps your body rebalance and focus using vibrational frequencies;

●  Sensate Device that harnesses infrasonic resonance to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and improve sleep;

●  Infrared Foot Warmer layered with marble and heat that generates infrared energy for improved blood circulation and;

●  Blue Light Filtering Screen to block blue rays from excess screen time, protect your eyes and regulate the body’s circadian rhythm;

●  Quiet Chair Service for guests who opt for their own me-time without chatting with our team;

●  DIY Facial Sheet Mask for guests who want to hydrate, soothe and brighten their skin as their hair is getting the utmost pampering;

●  Anti-stress Colouring Therapy for guests who love to express themselves to relieve anxiety;

●  Art Kits for Kids so that guests with children can keep them device-free yet harness their creativity;

●  De-stress Gift Set for guests to bring home a piece of the Chez Vous: Private Space experience.

6. Be In The Good Hands Of Experienced Hair Stylists

Common Wash Area

Even as personalised self-care, privacy and exclusivity are critical at Chez Vous: Private Space, it is still an award-winning hair salon with director-level hair experts trained to provide service excellence and professional expertise with quality products for all hair types.

Helmed by Chez Vous’ stable of award-winning directors, all stylists at Chez Vous: Private Space have a minimum of 10 years of experience and are required to complete 35 hours of training annually. Moreover, they all had undergone Chez Vous – a 27-year-old veteran salon brand – “notorious” recruitment process and assessment where the passing rate is rumoured to be one out of thirty. 

A Commitment to Health & Safety

Chez Vous: Private Space allows customers to do their hair in private pods, and the salon has also installed HEPA filters to help remove the microbes and harmful particles in the air.

Enjoy top-notch business class-like service at reasonable prices in Chez Vous: Private Space! Book your appointment now! 

Call 6235 0345 or email privatespace@chezvoushair.com to book an appointment or visit http://www.chezvoushair.com/privatespace for more information.

Chez Vous: Private Space is located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B. #08-01, Singapore 238874.

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