aspurely x Zest Clinic Love Your Planet Project

Homegrown and plant-based skincare brand aspurely partners with Zest Clinic to launch the “Love Your Planet Project”, which runs from now till the end of the year. To raise public awareness about sustainability in skincare, the “Love Your Planet Project” offers 20% off its products and a 30-minute screening and consultation at Zest Clinic in exchange for dropping off your used plastic cosmetic bottles (of any brand).

The used skincare bottles will be picked up by a sustainable, Singapore-based business, The Sustainability Project (TSP). The empty skincare plastic bottles will then be given a new lease of life by reusing them during workshops to store body scrubs or redistributing them to 45 businesses in the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative to reuse in their operations. The Zero Waste Packaging Initiative aims to give the packaging a second life, which includes empty skincare plastic bottles.

A recycling company, Eco Exchange, will collect the remainder of the used skincare bottles and will recycle the plastic bottles safely and responsibly instead of sending them to landfills that harm the environment. The plastic bottles will be consolidated and sent to a plastic recycler, where they will be crushed into smaller pieces and made into granules as new raw materials.

About aspurely

The brand’s ingredients are extracted from sustainably grown and harvested plants with minimum environmental impact. The processing of these extracts does not use heat or toxic solvents, and their amino acid and olive oil surfactants do not cause toxic discharges into the environment.

Visit aspurely to check out their clean, natural and sustainable skincare products.

At Zest Clinic, they believe everyone is entitled to experience life at its best. And health sets the foundation for your overall well-being. They offer a fresh take on health and wellness through precision diagnostics and holistic methods. The model of care involves proactive, predictive, preventive and personalised medicine.

Whether you need treatment for a fever, rash, aesthetics, skincare, or sports injury, the experts at Zest Clinic will be able to provide you with the best remedies to suit your body.

Visit Zest Clinic to schedule your appointment today.

Play your part and drop off your used plastic skincare bottles at 📍Zest Clinic located in Precious Medical Centre. 80 Marine Parade Road, #01-11B, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269

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