5 Face Mists To Keep Maskne Under Control

Wearing a fabric mask or face covering is now a must. However, after wearing them, you may have found that your skin has started to break out, a condition which has been dubbed “maskne”.

Luckily, there are a few switch-ups that we can do within our beauty routines that can help combat the onset of maskne (mask acne) and prevent any further irritation— which is to invest in a facial spray.

Here are some of our favourite facial sprays that work to combat maskne. 

1. Tower 28's SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray

Tower 28

The solution to angry skin, Tower 28 SOS Facial Spray helps soothe irritation and defends against daily damage from skin’s everyday stressors, including makeup, sweat, grime and pollution. SOS maximizes the power of your skin’s defense system by strengthening the skin barrier and supporting its natural renewal process. Featuring Hypochlorous Acid, a naturally occurring organic compound found in your body’s own defense system, and a skin-happy pH of 4.5 to calm and renew stressed-out skin. 


A 100% natural anti-bacterial hydration mist, formulated specially to eradicate bacteria on both our skin and face masks, giving a barrier of protection for your face and nourishing the skin with the very best of plant-based ingredients. Just a spritz of AfterGlow will help to get rid of the bacteria on your mask, reducing the germs being transferred to your face & minimizing breakouts. The struggle with acne caused by wearing a mask is real, but AfterGlow can help. Regular application results in hydrated & supple skin with an anti-bacterial barrier that is protected against external aggressors.

Mario Badescu

Revitalize skin with dewy radiance. Whether spritzed for a hydrating boost or mid-day pick-me-up, Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber And Green Tea helps revive dehydrated skin anytime, anywhere. It’s a rejuvenating mist infused with herbal and botanical extracts (like Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Rose, Bladderwrack and Thyme) that help soothe and re-energize skin—giving it a healthy, radiant glow. Also a great addition to anyone with acne-prone skin.

Tip: You can even keep hair from drying out with this energising spritz.

Glow Recipe

Soothe, hydrate and protect with Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist from Glow Recipe, featuring a mix of watermelon, hyaluronic acid, and apple cider vinegar.

Besides looking pretty, this bi-phase mist combines two great things into something even better. Shake it before you spray it to mix up the nourishing-oil layer with the water-based active extracts for a haze of softening, smoothing, and illuminating hydration. You’ll love this hydrating mist for its ability to enhance your natural dewy glow and your makeup with a single spritz. 


Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Face Mist is a multivitamin face hydrating mist for dry skin and oily skin that delivers a boost of antioxidants for dewy, healthy skin.

Spritz on this ultra-fine, alcohol-free citrus mist as a cooling primer, makeup setting spray, or hydrating skin refresh. Enriched with fresh’s vitamin fruit complex of vitamins C, E, and B5; lemon and orange extracts; and minerals, it protects against free radicals and gives a boost of skin nutrition. Perfect for all skin types.

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