3 DIY Chorong Chorong Soju Drinks To Take Your Drinking To The Next Level

Beyond the green bottle of Korea’s iconic spirit lies soju, the quintessential part of Korean culture that has been increasingly well-known in recent years.

Soju is made from rice, water and nuruk, a wild fermentation starter, and the fermented product before filtering is called wonju, meaning original base liquor. Our editor shares her top 3 DIY Chorong Chorong Soju recipes that she serves her guests, guaranteeing to take your next gathering with your friends to the next level.

#1 Somaek (Soju Bomb)

The classic Somaek (soju and beer) is one of the easiest mix of soju cocktails that’s simple to make. All you have to do is to mix 2 shots of Chorong Chorong soju with half a glass of beer. 

We recommend getting Hite beer to mix with Chorong Chorong soju for the most authentic Soju experience with your friends!

#2 Soju Yakult

Mix yakult with soju to create a sweet concoction that conceals the taste of the alcohol if you’re not use the taste of alcohol. All you have to do is mix half a glass of Yakult with 2 shots of Chorong Chorong soju, and you’re ready to party the night away with your friends!

#3 Soju ‘Sangria’

Soju ‘Sangria’ is perfect for the ladies that prefers a gentle, mild and sweet taste for their alcohol. Start off by squeezing grapefruit and lemon juice into half a glass, shake it with two shots of Chorong Chorong soju and you’re ready to enjoy your Chorong Chorong soju ‘Sangria’.

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